Trevor Zoo Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Millbrook, New York

Years Active: 1936 – Active

Think of Trevor Zoo as the rebellious younger sibling in the zoo world. It’s on a high school campus – that alone breaks the rules. They’ve been drawing crowds since 1936, doing things their own way.

This isn’t just about staring at animals. You’ll find red pandas, sure, but also endangered species Trevor Zoo is helping to save. They’re serious about conservation, so come ready to learn. Catch one of their festivals – Wildlife Conservation Day gets wild!

Trevor Zoo isn’t some glossy, corporate attraction. It’s got a bit of grit, a bit of that old-school zoo charm. Over 100,000 people visited last year, and they’re only getting bigger. This zoo’s got a bright future, and you’ll want to say you saw it before everyone else did.

How big is the Trevor Zoo?

The Trevor Zoo, located in Millbrook, New York, covers an area of approximately six acres (2.4 hectares). It is a modestly sized but well-maintained zoological facility dedicated to the conservation and education of various animal species. The zoo’s size allows for the housing of over 80 species, including endangered and exotic animals, within a compact and accessible space, fostering its mission of wildlife preservation and public awareness.

Trevor Zoo Map 2023

Trevor Zoo Map 2022

Trevor Zoo Map 2021

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