Waldameer Park & Water World Map and Brochure (2018 – 2023)

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

Years Active: 1896 – Active

Waldameer Park & Water World – it’s a classic for a reason! This Erie, Pennsylvania spot has been around since 1896. You’ll find that perfect mix of old-school amusement park vibes and modern thrills. Want a rush? The Ravine Flyer II coaster is intense. Prefer something mellower? The Comet delivers old-fashioned fun. And when the weather’s hot, Water World’s slides and wave pool will cool you off.

Waldameer hosts awesome events throughout the year. “Waldameer Day” is a local favorite. They even have a whole festival just for kids! The park sees over a million people a year, and they keep adding more. This place isn’t just surviving, it’s thriving.

What does Waldameer mean in English?

The word “Waldameer” does not have a direct English translation, as it is a proper noun and the name of the amusement park. The park’s name likely holds historical or regional significance, but it does not have a specific English meaning.

How many rides are at Waldameer?

Waldameer Park features over 30 rides and attractions for guests to enjoy. These rides include a variety of roller coasters, water rides, kiddie rides, and classic amusement park attractions. With a diverse selection of rides, Waldameer offers entertainment options for individuals and families of all ages and preferences.

Waldameer Park & Water World Map 2023

Waldameer Park & Water World Map 2020

Waldameer Park & Water World Map 2018

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