Camelot Theme Park Map and Brochure (1998 – 2002)

Location: Chorley, Lancashire England

Years Active: 1983 – 2012

Camelot Theme Park was a resort and theme park located in the English county of Lancashire. The park’s theme was the well-known legend of Camelot, and the park decor incorporated pseudo-medieval elements. It was located on a 140-acre site near the village of Charnock Richard, 3 miles west of Chorley.

One of the roller coasters could be seen from the M6 near the Charnock Richard Services. However, as of February 2020 said rollercoaster “The Knightmare” has been demolished after SBNO (Standing But Not Operating) for eight years. The site was owned by The Story Group and was operated by Knights Leisure. The park featured many rides, taking a target audience of families and younger children; however, the park also boasted numerous thrill rides and roller coasters, including Whirlwind (a Maurer Söhne spinning coaster), Knightmare and Excalibur.

What happened to Camelot theme park UK?

Camelot theme park, located in Lancashire, UK, ceased its operations and permanently closed its doors to the public in 2012. This closure marked the end of the park’s nearly 30-year history as a popular attraction.

Why did they shut down Camelot?

Camelot theme park was shut down primarily due to financial difficulties and declining visitor numbers. The park faced increasing competition from other, larger theme parks in the UK and struggled to attract a sufficient number of visitors to remain financially viable. Additionally, the park experienced several accidents and safety concerns, which further eroded its reputation and visitor trust. As a result, the owners made the difficult decision to close Camelot theme park in order to minimize financial losses and ensure visitor safety.

Camelot Theme Park Map 2002

Camelot Theme Park Map 1998

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