Cultus Lake Waterpark Map and Brochure (2018 – 2020)

Location: Cultus Lake, Canada

Years Active: 1984 – Active

Cultus Lake Waterpark? It’s a summer staple in British Columbia, a splash-tastic time since 1984. Think a tropical escape – palm trees, waterfalls, the whole deal. But it’s not just about looking good. This place delivers big on thrills.

Slides that’ll make you scream. A lazy river if screaming’s not your thing. Little kids? They’ve got splash zones that’ll leave ’em soaked and happy. Insider tip: some of those racing slides let you go head-to-head with your friends. Loser buys ice cream!

The fun doesn’t stop at the water. Cultus Lake Waterpark throws down all summer long – festivals, live bands, you name it. It gets rowdy in the best possible way. Another insider tip: keep an eye out for special events, sometimes they have discount tickets.

So yeah, it might not be the most zen getaway. But if you want a blast of a summer day, Cultus Lake Waterpark is your spot.

How much does Cultus Lake Waterpark cost?

The cost of admission to Cultus Lake Waterpark varies depending on factors such as age, day of the week, and any ongoing promotions. Typically, prices range from $30 to $40 for adults and $20 to $30 for children, with discounts often available for seniors and groups. Additional fees may apply for amenities such as locker rentals or cabana rentals.

Can I bring my own food to Cultus Lake Waterpark?

Outside food and beverages are generally not permitted within Cultus Lake Waterpark premises. However, exceptions may be made for dietary restrictions or infants’ needs, provided the items are not in glass containers and are consumed in designated areas. Visitors are encouraged to explore the diverse culinary offerings available within the park.

Cultus Lake Waterpark Map 2020

Cultus Lake Waterpark Map 2019

Cultus Lake Waterpark Map 2018

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