Shining Waters Family Fun Park Map and Brochure (2022)

Location: Hunter River, Canada

Years Active: 2005 – Active

Shining Waters Family Fun Park sits on Prince Edward Island – a lovely spot, to be sure. It’s been open since 2005, but don’t assume everything is super modern. Think of the park’s charm as a mix of old-school fun and newer attractions.

The main draw is the water stuff – slides, a big pool, the usual. It’s perfect for most families, but serious thrill-seekers might be underwhelmed. What makes this place special is the island vibe woven into everything. Want more than just splash time? Shining Waters has that. Festivals, little themed areas… it has a local flavor you won’t find in a generic water park.

Can you bring food to Shining Waters?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring food to Shining Waters. Shining Waters is a public park located in a picturesque setting, offering picnic areas and scenic spots ideal for enjoying meals amidst natural beauty. Visitors often bring picnics to enjoy with family and friends while taking in the serene atmosphere of the park.

What does Shining Waters have?

Shining Waters features a variety of amenities and attractions. These include walking trails, playgrounds, scenic overlooks, and waterfront areas for recreational activities such as fishing and boating. Additionally, the park offers facilities for picnicking, including picnic tables and shelters, making it an ideal destination for outdoor gatherings and leisurely outings.

Shining Waters Family Fun Park Map 2022

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