Enchanted Forest Water Safari Map and Brochure (2019 – 2022)

Location: Old Forge, New York

Years Active: 1956 – Active

Ever heard of Enchanted Forest Water Safari? It’s this hidden gem in the Adirondacks, tucked away in Old Forge. This place is pure old-school amusement park magic – think charming themes, not corporate overload. They’ve been around forever, and it shows in the best way.

The water rides are where the real fun’s at. Get soaked on the Black River or brave the crazy drop on Killermanjaro’s Revenge. Need something milder? Cascade Cove and Crocodile Isle are perfect for chilling out. Little kids will freak out (in a good way) over Storybook Lane and all the fairytale stuff.

Who owns the Enchanted Forest?

The Enchanted Forest in Old Forge, New York, is privately owned by the Clark family. The park was established by Arto Monaco in 1956 and later purchased by the Clarks in 1989. It remains a family-operated attraction, offering visitors a nostalgic and magical experience through its whimsical displays and amusement park features.

When did Enchanted Forest in NY Open?

The Enchanted Forest in New York opened its doors to the public in 1956. It was created by Arto Monaco, an imaginative artist and designer, who aimed to provide a unique and enchanting experience for visitors. Over the years, the park has evolved and expanded under the ownership of the Clark family, becoming a cherished destination for families seeking a blend of fantasy and amusement in a picturesque setting.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari Map 2022

Enchanted Forest Water Safari Map 2020

Enchanted Forest Water Safari Map 2019

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