Splish Splash Water Park Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Calverton, New York

Years Active: 1991 – Active

Welcome to Splish Splash Water Park, a thrilling aquatic oasis located in Calverton, New York. Since its grand opening on May 28, 1991, this water park has been a favorite summer destination for both locals and tourists alike. Splish Splash offers an enchanting tropical theme that transports visitors to a world of endless summer fun, with lush palm trees, vibrant colors, and a lively atmosphere that captures the essence of a Caribbean paradise.

This aquatic wonderland boasts a wide array of key attractions, including heart-pounding water slides like the Abyss, Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror, and the venerable Alien Invasion. For those seeking a more relaxing experience, the tranquil Lazy River and Wave Pool provide the perfect opportunity to unwind. Splish Splash also hosts exciting festivals and events throughout the season, such as Dive-In Movies and the annual Pirate’s Fest, which adds an extra layer of excitement to the park’s offerings.

What is the history of Splish Splash?

Splish Splash is a popular water park located in Calverton, New York. It was first opened to the public in May 1991. Founded by Gary Wachs, it quickly became a favorite destination for families and water enthusiasts in the New York metropolitan area. Over the years, Splish Splash has expanded and added various water rides and attractions, making it one of the largest water parks in the northeastern United States. Its rich history and commitment to providing thrilling water experiences have solidified its place as a prominent recreational destination.

How old is Splish Splash water park?

Splish Splash water park is over three decades old, having been inaugurated in May 1991. As of 2024, it boasts a history of approximately 33 years. This long-standing presence in the amusement industry underscores its enduring popularity and continued success in providing entertainment and fun for visitors of all ages.

Splish Splash Water Park Map 2023

Splish Splash Water Park Map 2021

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