Stoneham Zoo Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Stoneham, Massachusetts

Years Active: 1969 – Active

Stoneham Zoo is a hidden gem. It’s small, and honestly, some of the enclosures could be bigger. But here’s why you should go anyway: they’re serious about making a difference for endangered animals. No lions or tigers – here you’ll find species actually facing threats in the wild.

Get up close to stunning snow leopards, hear the haunting calls of a wolf pack, and see river otters frolicking with pure joy. some exhibits have ‘keeper talks’ where you can learn surprising facts and even ask questions.

Not the place for fancy stroller walks; expect uneven paths and simple exhibits. That down-to-earth vibe is kind of refreshing, though. Just ditch the heels and come ready to learn about the amazing – and sometimes challenging – realities of wildlife conservation.

What is the history of the Stoneham zoo?

The Stoneham Zoo, officially known as the Stone Zoo, is located in Stoneham, Massachusetts, USA. It was founded in 1905 and has a rich history of providing a habitat for a wide variety of animal species. Originally established as the Middlesex Fells Zoo, it started with a small collection of native animals. Over the years, it expanded its exhibits to include both native and exotic species, becoming a popular destination for both education and recreation. Today, the Stone Zoo continues its mission of wildlife conservation and public education, offering a glimpse into the diverse world of animals.

How big is Stoneham zoo?

The Stoneham Zoo covers an area of approximately 26 acres (10.5 hectares). Within this space, it houses a diverse collection of animals from around the world, with well-designed enclosures that provide naturalistic habitats for its inhabitants. Visitors can explore the zoo’s various exhibits, which include species like big cats, primates, birds, and reptiles, while also participating in educational programs and events.

When was Stoneham founded?

Stoneham, the town where the Stone Zoo is located, was founded in 1725. It is a historic community in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, with a rich heritage and a vibrant present. Stoneham has evolved over the centuries, transitioning from its early agricultural and industrial roots into a modern suburban town with a strong community spirit and amenities like the Stone Zoo, which contributes to its cultural and recreational offerings.

Stoneham Zoo Map 2023

Stoneham Zoo Map 2022

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