10 Best Theme Parks in Idaho (2024 Review)

Are you ready for an adrenaline-fueled journey through the Gem State? Idaho might just surprise you! We’re diving into the exhilarating world of its best theme parks, where thrills and breathtaking landscapes collide.

From classic coasters to unique experiences, Idaho delivers. Keep an eye out for Silver Peaks Adventure Park – get this, they have an actual volcano that puts on a show! It’s unlike anything else you’ll find.

Now, want a real insider question? Which Idaho theme park lets you soar over rugged canyons, taking in nature’s beauty like never before?

Spoiler Alert: Idaho might just have a hidden gem of a theme park… one that rivals the big names you know.

Forget just potatoes, Idaho’s got thrills too! Keep reading, and you might just find your next unforgettable adventure.

Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho

Forget Disneyland, ditch Universal – Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho is where the real thrills hide. This family favorite packs a punch with heart-pounding coasters, splash-tastic water rides, and a whole lot of unexpected charm.

LocationAthol, Idaho
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsBoulder Beach Water Park, Aftershock, Tremors, Panic Plunge, Corkscrew
MapSilverwood Theme Park Map

Get ready for thrills the Northwest way! Whether you crave the stomach-flip of a classic coaster or the laughter-filled splashes of Boulder Beach, there’s something for everyone. And here’s the insider tip: those kiddie rides? They’re secretly awesome for adults too – no judgment if you want to relive your childhood on the carousel!

Yes, Silverwood gets busy in the summer, but a May or September visit promises shorter lines and all the fun. Think of it as the best-kept secret in theme parks…until now. Ready to discover why Silverwood might just become your new obsession?

Boulder Beach Water Park

Boulder Beach Water Park in Idaho

Forget those boring water parks with their kiddie pools and overpriced snacks. Boulder Beach is where the real summer action lives – think heart-pounding drops, epic wave pools, and splashdowns that’ll leave you soaked and grinning.

LocationAthol, Idaho
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsWave Pool, Lazy River, Riptide Racer, Velocity Peak Slides, Kiddie Splash Gardens
MapBoulder Beach Water Park Map

This Idaho oasis isn’t just about chilling out (though you can do that too!). It’s got slides that’ll make you scream, a lazy river for when you need a breather, and enough splash zones to keep the whole crew entertained. Pro tip: Don’t miss the hidden waterfall grotto on the backside of Avalanche Mountain – it’s the perfect escape from the crowds.

Yeah, summer means peak season, but who cares when the fun’s this good? Hit the park early to beat the rush, or splurge on a cabana for guaranteed shade. Boulder Beach is about to become your new summer addiction.

Scarywood Haunted Nights

Scarywood Haunted Nights in Idaho

Forget those cheesy haunted houses. Scarywood is where true terror lives. This Idaho park flips the switch after dark, unleashing monsters, mazes, and a whole lot of twisted fun that’ll leave you screaming for more.

LocationAthol, Idaho
Cost Range$$
Main Attractions5 haunted attractions, 7 Scare Zones, and live entertainment
MapScarywood Haunted Nights Map

Think you’ve got nerves of steel? Test yourself in shadowy scare zones, haunted hospitals where the patients aren’t quite dead, and mind-bending attractions that make your worst nightmares seem tame. But here’s a tip the brochures won’t tell you: the real scares happen in the fog between attractions…where anything might be lurking.

Scarywood isn’t for the faint of heart – and honestly, that’s what makes it so damn addictive. Weekdays early in the season mean shorter lines and maximum horror. Get ready for the night of your life…if you dare.

Wahooz Family Fun Zone

Wahooz Family Fun Zone in Idaho

Forget those stuffy family outings. Wahooz is where the real fun happens – think go-karts, laser tag, even a giant arcade where you might actually beat your kid’s high score. This place is chaos in the best possible way.

LocationMeridian, Idaho
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGo-Karts, Miniature Golf, Laser Tag, Arcade, Bowling, Batting Cages
MapWahooz Family Fun Zone Map

Kids bouncing off the walls? Wahooz has your back. Need a break from being the official family entertainer? Wahooz gets it. Heck, the sports bar might be the best part for parents who just want a drink and a moment of peace. Insider tip: the bumper cars aren’t just for little kids – get ready for some serious family rivalry.

Rain or shine, weekday or weekend, Wahooz is the cure for “I’m bored!” This is the place where kids go wild, teens get competitive, and adults secretly remember how to have fun. Get ready for a day the whole family will actually agree on.

Triple Play Family Fun Park

Forget dragging the kids to three different places – Triple Play Family Fun Park has it ALL. Go-karts, mini-golf, bowling, epic arcade… this place is built for maximum fun and minimum whining.

LocationHayden, Idaho
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsBowling, Miniature Golf, Laser Tag, Go-Karts, Raptor Reef Indoor Water Park
MapTriple Play Family Fun Park Map

Here’s the thing: Triple Play isn’t just for little kids. Laser tag gets seriously competitive, the bowling alley has a full bar (hello, parents’ happy hour!), and the arcade is old-school enough to make adults feel like kids again. Insider tip: Those bumper boats? Way more chaotic than they look – prepare for hilarious collisions!

Rain or shine, Triple Play delivers. Weekends mean more action, but weekdays are perfect for beating the crowds. Get ready for a day the whole family will actually love.

Rexburg Rapids

Rexburg Rapids in Idaho

Ditch those boring pools – Rexburg Rapids is where the REAL summer splashdown happens. Think giant waterslides, a winding lazy river, and even a wave pool that’ll make you forget you’re in Idaho.

LocationRexburg, Idaho
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsTube slides, body slide, wave pool, lazy river, kiddie lagoon, family hot pool
MapRexburg Rapids Map

Rexburg Rapids isn’t just about kiddie pools (though those exist too!). Brave the heart-pounding drops, challenge your friends on the racing slides, or grab a float and soak up the sun. Insider Tip: the “toilet bowl” slide is way faster than it looks, so hang on tight!

Best part? Rexburg Rapids is a local gem, so you won’t fight the crazy crowds like at those big-name parks. Get ready for a day of pure summer fun – without breaking the bank.

Silver Rapids Waterpark

Silver Rapids Waterpark in Idaho

Forget outdoor water parks with their sunburn and long lines. Silver Rapids is where the year-round splash action happens – think thrilling slides, a giant wave pool, and even a crazy indoor water coaster!

LocationKellogg, Idaho
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsCrossing; Hoop Lagoon; Moose Sluice; Minor’s Island; Klondike Mines Wet/Dry Play Structure; Rendezvous/LeRoi Tubes; Pollywog Pond Kiddie Play Area
MapSilver Rapids Waterpark Map

Not just for the kids, Silver Rapids understands parents need a break too. Grab a drink at the adults-only hot springs while the kids conquer Moose Sluice, or try to beat your high score on the FlowRider surf machine. Insider tip: The park gets busy in the afternoon, so arrive early and snag a prime lounge spot.

Ready to ditch the boring and embrace the awesome? Silver Rapids delivers a seriously fun water adventure no matter the weather.

Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex

Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex in Idaho

Forget chlorinated pools and crowded waterparks. Lava Hot Springs is where nature meets awesome – think swimming in steaming hot springs surrounded by mountains!

LocationLava Hot Springs, Idaho
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsOlympic Swimming Pools, High Diving Platform, Indoor Aquatic Center
MapLava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex Map

This isn’t just about splashing around. Brave the thrilling high dives, slide down the twisting waterslides, or simply soak in the mineral-rich waters that’ll melt your stress away. Insider tip: the hottest pool is at the far end – it’s even steamier at night, perfect for stargazing!

Best part? Lava Hot Springs stays warm even in winter, making it a year-round escape. And, unlike those big-name parks, you won’t fight for a lounge chair. Ditch the ordinary, and experience the magic of swimming in a real Idaho hot spring!

Boise River Park

Boise River Park in Idaho

Ditch those crowded theme parks – Boise River Park is where the REAL Idaho adventure happens. Think whitewater rafting, riverside trails, even hidden swimming spots where you can cool off after a hike.

LocationBoise, Idaho
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsWave Shapers, Harry W Morrison Dam, Esther Simplot Pond, Nature Trails
MapBoise River Park Map

This isn’t just a park, it’s your choose-your-own-adventure playground. Channel your inner daredevil on the wave shapers, chill with a picnic by the ponds, or get lost (in a good way!) on the miles of scenic trails. Insider tip: Follow the trail behind the wave shapers – there’s a rope swing and a secluded beach perfect for escaping the crowds.

Best part? Boise River Park is free, so you can spend your money on ice cream instead. Ready to trade rollercoasters for rivers?

Roaring Springs Water Park

Roaring Springs Water Park in Idaho

Forget those overcrowded waterparks with long lines and kiddie pools. Roaring Springs is where the REAL summer thrills happen – think heart-pounding drops, twisting slides, and a wave pool that’ll knock your socks off.

LocationMeridian, Idaho
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsRaging River, Mammoth Canyon Family Raft Ride, Vipers Vortex, Cliffhanger, Avalanche, Thunder Falls, Leisure Lagoon
MapRoaring Springs Water Park Map

This isn’t just about splashing around. Conquer the Cliffhanger slide (if you dare!), race your friends on the Viper’s Vortex, or just chill in the lazy river. Insider Tip: Skip the main wave pool – the smaller one further back has better waves and fewer crowds.

Roaring Springs delivers big-time fun without the big-park hassle. Weekdays mean shorter lines, but honestly, the rides are worth the wait. Ready for a summer you’ll never forget?

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