The 29 Best Theme Parks in Tennessee

Craving a theme park experience that’s equal parts thrilling and unique? Tennessee has you covered. While Dollywood deserves its accolades, the state boasts a surprising array of theme parks catering to every taste. From white-knuckle coasters to immersive historical experiences, Tennessee theme parks offer something for the modern adventurer.

Ready to ditch the predictable?

Smaller crowds await at places with big personality. Think quirky roadside attractions and parks packed with old-school charm. And yes, you’ll still find those cutting-edge thrills.

Insider Tip: At Anakeesta in Gatlinburg, skip the crowded chondola ride to the top. Instead, take the Ridge Rambler – an open-air truck with far better mountain views!

Dollywood’s Splash Country

Dollywood's Splash Country in Tennessee

Tired of the endless crowds and overpriced everything at giant water parks? Dollywood’s Splash Country delivers a unique experience that truly sets it apart. Nestled in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains, this park trades sterile concrete for lush landscapes and genuine Southern charm

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMountain Twist, The Cascades, Butterfly, Fire Tower Falls, Bear Mountain Fire Tower
MapDollywood’s Splash Country Map

Don’t expect the latest tech or mind-blowing theming. But you will find surprisingly good water slides with way shorter lines. Plus, it’s a haven for families – no judging the adults who want to splash in the kiddie zone!

Insider Tip: The Cascades pool is way more than just a lagoon. Hidden around the edges are powerful jets you can stand under for a free, surprisingly intense back massage!

Foxfire Adventure Park

Foxfire Adventure Park in Tennessee

Want to experience the Smokies beyond rollercoasters and gift shops? Foxfire Adventure Park dishes out thrills with a side of stunning mountain scenery. This is ziplining on steroids – think high speeds, insane heights, and more lines than you can tackle in a day.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsZipline Canopy Tour, Horseback riding
MapFoxfire Adventure Park Map

But adrenaline isn’t the whole story. Foxfire has a rustic, DIY vibe that adds to the fun. Don’t be surprised if your zipline guide is also slinging jokes and helping you conquer the climbing wall!

Insider Tip: The “Goliath” zipline tour sounds epic, but it’s a major time commitment. Stick with the Scenic Canopy Tour if you want a taste of the best ziplines with time left to explore the rest of the park.

FunStop Family Action Park

FunStop Family Action Park in Tennessee

Pigeon Forge has more than pancakes and outlet malls. FunStop Family Action Park proves it with a classic mix of go-karts, thrill rides, and a whole lot of kitschy charm. Think of it as a state fair that never leaves town.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGo Karts, Mini Golf, Arcade, Outdoor Thrill Rides
MapFunStop Family Action Park Map

FunStop won’t blow you away with cutting-edge tech or fancy themes. But if you’re down for some old-school amusement park vibes with surprisingly decent coasters, this place is a blast. It’s especially good for mixed-age groups since there are rides for both young kids and teens who want a challenge.

Insider Tip: The Skyscraper ride gets all the attention, but the real sleeper hit is the “Chaos.” This unassuming ride packs some surprising spins and G-forces

The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island in Pigeon Forge in Tennessee

The Island in Pigeon Forge promises something for everyone… but does it deliver? This massive entertainment complex packs in shops, restaurants, and a few rides in a flashy package. It’s great if you want a taste of theme park fun without battling theme park crowds.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsThe Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, The Island Show Fountains, The Island Ropes Course, 7D Dark Ride Adventure
MapThe Island in Pigeon Forge Map

But don’t expect a Disney-level experience here. The Island is more about laid-back strolling and people-watching than heart-pounding thrills. Think of it as a supersized boardwalk with a Smoky Mountains backdrop.

Insider Tip: The main draw is The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, but skip it if you hate waiting. Instead, head to the arcade – on weekdays, you’ll often have the place to yourself, and the games are surprisingly fun!

Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark

Rowdy Bear's Smoky Mountain Snowpark in Tennessee

Want to experience snow tubing… in the middle of the humid South? Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark delivers a surprisingly fun taste of winter, any time of year. Think of it as a giant, man-made snow hill with a conveyor belt lift – perfect for getting your snow fix without the hassle of real mountains.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsYear-Round Snow Tubing, Snow Play Area
MapRowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark Map

Just don’t expect a true ski resort vibe. This place is all about the tubing, with limited options beyond that. The “snow” can get a bit icy, especially on busy days.

Insider Tip: Tubing tickets are timed, but they don’t mention that you’ll spend half your time slot standing in line. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your reservation to maximize ride time!


Anakeesta in Tennessee

Forget battling crowds at Dollywood – Anakeesta promises gorgeous mountain views and unique attractions at a slower pace. Stroll through treetop villages, tackle a zipline course, or simply soak up the scenery from the chondola ride to the summit.

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsZiplining, Rail Runner Mountain Coaster, Tree Canopy Walk, Vista Gardens, AnaVista Tower
MapAnakeesta Map

Sounds amazing, right? But Anakeesta isn’t without its flaws. Expect long lines, particularly on weekends, and don’t come expecting Disney-level polish. It’s a trade-off: smaller crowds for a somewhat rough-around-the-edges experience.

Insider Tip: The fire pit areas are first-come, first-served, even for those dining at Anakeesta’s restaurants. During busy seasons, snag a spot early and plan your meal times around that!


Dollywood in Tennessee

Dollywood is more than just kitschy shows and fried food. Yes, it has that Southern charm in spades, but it also packs in seriously good roller coasters and surprisingly genuine hospitality. You won’t find cutting-edge tech or immersive theming here, but the rides deliver thrills.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsThe Tennessee Tornado, The Dollywood Express, The Thunderhead, The Eagle Mountain Stage, Aunt Granny’s Restaurant
MapDollywood Map

Be warned: Dollywood is ALWAYS popular. If you hate crowds, it might not be for you. Expect a quirky mix of old-school amusement park vibes and modern thrills.

Insider Tip: The “Cinnamon Bread” everyone raves about? It’s amazing fresh, but also keeps well. Grab a loaf as you exit the park to enjoy for breakfast the next day!

Nashville Shores

Nashville Shores in Tennessee

Tired of the same old water park experience? Nashville Shores breaks the mold with its beautiful lakeside setting and mix of classic water slides and unique attractions. Don’t expect the latest rides or fancy themes; the focus here is more on laid-back fun and enjoying the natural surroundings.

LocationHermitage, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsBreaker Bay Wave Pool, Barefootin’ Bay, Lazy River, Riptide Rally, Mega Mayhem, Big Scream
MapNashville Shores Map

It’s a great option if you want a break from Nashville’s crowds or want to combine your water park day with activities like paddleboarding or boating on the lake. Know that it can get crowded on weekends, and some of the park feels a bit dated.

Insider Tip: The “Kowabunga Beach” wave pool is HUGE. If you want a spot with some breathing room, head towards the back – it gets less crowded and the waves are often bigger!

Pigeon Forge Snow

Want to experience snow tubing… in the middle of the South? Pigeon Forge Snow lets you build a snowman and slide down icy slopes year-round. Think of it as a giant, indoor snow hill – perfect for a quick taste of winter fun.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsSnow Tubing, Snow Play
MapPigeon Forge Snow Map

Just don’t expect a true ski resort experience. The snow tubing is surprisingly fun but limited, and the “real snow” can sometimes feel a bit icy. It’s a great option for families with young kids or anyone who wants a unique outing when in Pigeon Forge.

Insider Tip: Tubing lanes are assigned when you enter, and the middle ones are WAY faster. If you have thrill-seekers in your group, try to snag a middle lane!

Wild Bear Falls Water Park

Wild Bear Falls Water Park in Tennessee

Ditch the generic hotel pool and upgrade to Wild Bear Falls Water Park – the biggest indoor water park in the Southeast. It’s got slides, a lazy river, and a retractable roof (perfect for those rainy Smoky Mountain days).

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLittle Pigeon River, Cades Cove, Clingmans Dome, Laurel Falls, Moonshine Holler, Grotto Falls
MapWild Bear Falls Water Park Map

But be warned…it’s not all sunshine and splash pads. This place gets PACKED on weekends, and the “indoor” feel can be a bit overwhelming. If you want a chill water park experience, this isn’t it.

Insider Tip: The “Clingman’s Dome” body slide looks terrifying, but it’s actually pretty tame. The scariest part is the long, dark wait in the enclosed tube!

Soaky Mountain Waterpark

Soaky Mountain Waterpark in Tennessee

Let’s face it, sometimes those Smoky Mountain views are best enjoyed while screaming your head off on a water slide. Enter Soaky Mountain Waterpark: your one-stop shop for splashtastic fun and epic wave pool lounging.

This 50-acre park isn’t messing around. It’s got all the good stuff: heart-pounding slides that’ll make your palms sweat (in a good way!), a lazy river that’s perfect for chilling with a floatable drink (because, priorities), and a wave pool that’ll convince you you’ve stumbled onto a hidden beach (minus the pesky sand).

LocationSevierville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsAvalanche, Soaky Surge, Black Bear Rapids, Boomers Bay, Rainbow Revenge
MapSoaky Mountain Waterpark Map

Yes, weekends get crowded (who doesn’t love a good soak?), but the vibes are fun and the lines move pretty quickly. Plus, the friendly staff makes you feel like an actual person, not just another wallet on legs.

Insider Tip: Don’t let the long line for the “Black Thunder” scare you off. It moves faster than it looks, and the zero-gravity drop is totally worth the wait (trust me, my inner child is still giggling).

Ober Mountain

Ober Mountain in Tennessee

Ober Mountain promises mountaintop fun with a side of stunning views. But buyer beware: this place is a quirky mix of old-school attractions and modern tourist traps. Think dated ski lodge vibes with a shockingly long tram ride to reach it.

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsScenic Chairlift, Ice Skating, Ski Mountain Coaster, Snow Tubing, Aerial Tramway
MapOber Mountain Map

Love kitschy mountain coasters and overpriced ice skating rinks? Ober’s got you covered. Craving a peaceful nature escape? Maybe not so much (those trams are LOUD). But hey, the views from the top are undeniable, especially during fall foliage season.

Insider Tip: The Wildlife Encounter is surprisingly cool, even for adults. Head there first thing in the morning – the bears are way more active than when it’s crowded.

Ripley’s Mountain Coaster

Ripley's Mountain Coaster in Tennessee

Get ready for a mountain coaster experience like no other at Ripley’s! Imagine controlling your speed as you zip through Smoky Mountain forests on a track that’s nearly a mile long. It’s a surprisingly scenic thrill ride, even if you’re a seasoned coaster enthusiast.

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMountain Coaster, Night Rides
MapRipley’s Mountain Coaster Map

This is a great option for families with mixed age groups since you can pair up older kids with younger ones. Want a leisurely ride with amazing views? Go slow. Need an adrenaline rush? Crank up the speed and hang on!

Insider Tip: The nighttime rides are hyped, but honestly, you can’t see much besides the lights on the track. If you hate crowds, it’s a good way to avoid long lines, though.

SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland

SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland in Tennessee

SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland promises a luxury water experience… with a hefty price tag to match. This isn’t your average hotel water park. Expect a mix of thrilling slides, adults-only zones, and a surprisingly relaxing vibe (if you’re willing to pay for it).

LocationNashville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsFlowRider, Rapid Remix, CrowdSurfer, Up Tempo Rapids River, Down Tempo Lazy River, Stage Dive, Record Launch, Half Note Cove, Quarter Note Cove, Groovin’ Lagoon Activity Pool, Bassline Body Slides
MapSoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Map

SoundWaves can be a blast, but it’s NOT budget-friendly. It’s also not ideal if you hate crowds, especially on weekends. If you have young kids, some of the best play areas are indoors, which can feel underwhelming on a sunny day.

Insider Tip: The “CrowdSurfer” wave pool looks intimidating, but it’s one of the park’s best attractions. The waves have different intensities – head to the left side for a gentler experience.

Outdoor Gravity Park

Outdoor Gravity Park in Tennessee

Want to feel like a human hamster? Outdoor Gravity Park’s “zorbing” experience is one of Pigeon Forge’s most unique attractions. Imagine tumbling downhill inside a giant, inflatable ball – it’s surprisingly hilarious and a little bit terrifying.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsOGo Rolls, Fishpipe, Switchback Zorbing
MapOutdoor Gravity Park Map

This is NOT for everyone. The ride is bumpy, disorienting, and you might get a little wet (even in the “dry” version). But if you love quirky thrills and a good laugh, it’s definitely worth trying.

Insider Tip: The lines look long but move fast. Go on a weekday if you can; weekends are packed.

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort in Tennessee

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort promises the double whammy of a waterpark and lakeside camping. It’s a great option if you want to combine water slides with boating, fishing, or a laid-back campground experience on Percy Priest Lake.

LocationHermitage, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsTreetop Adventure Park, Waterpark, Boat Rentals, Lakeview Cabins
MapNashville Shores Lakeside Resort Map

But know this: it’s not a luxury resort experience. The water park is solid (if a little dated), but the campground is basic. And the “lakefront” access can mean a surprisingly long walk to the actual water.

Insider Tip: The resort offers water park discounts for campers, making it a more affordable option. But if a top-notch campground is your priority, you might be disappointed.

Wildwood Grove

Wildwood Grove in Tennessee

Imagine a theme park where magic feels more like exploring a giant backyard than battling crowds. That’s Wildwood Grove, Dollywood’s whimsical zone tucked away in the Smoky Mountains. Think fireflies, tree swings, and rides gentle enough for even the tiniest thrill-seekers.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsThe Dragonflier, The Mad Mockingbird, Treetop Tower, Black Bear Trail, Frogs & Fireflies
MapWildwood Grove Map

This is the perfect spot to slow your roll if you’re visiting Dollywood with little ones. Let them splash, climb, and pretend while you steal a few minutes of grown-up time on a nearby bench (and maybe grab an iced coffee!).

Insider Tip: The crowds are no joke, especially in summer. Head to the “Wildwood Creek” splash pad first thing – it gets crazy later in the day, but the morning is often quieter.

Wetlands Water Park

Wetlands Water Park in Tennessee

Looking for a no-frills water park with a throwback summer camp vibe? Wetlands Water Park in Jonesborough delivers affordable, old-school fun. Don’t expect cutting-edge slides or crowds of teenagers. This place is all about laid-back pool time and surprisingly decent waterslides for its size.

LocationJonesborough, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsOasis Lily Pad Walk, RainTree Pavilion, Otter’s Slide, Wildcat Slide, Pollywog Pond
MapWetlands Water Park Map

It’s a great option for families with young kids or those who want a water park experience without the inflated prices. Just be warned – it gets BUSY on weekends, and some of the facilities are showing their age.

Insider Tip: The “Lazy River” is surprisingly long for a smaller water park. Grab a tube and actually FLOAT for a while – it’s usually the least crowded area.

SkyLand Ranch

SkyLand Ranch in Tennessee

Swap rollercoasters for mountain views at SkyLand Ranch. This Sevierville spot is more working ranch than theme park. Expect horseback rides, a mini-coaster, and down-home activities with stunning Smoky Mountain scenery as your backdrop.

LocationSevierville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsZip-lining, Horseback Riding, Camping
MapSkyLand Ranch Map

This isn’t a place for thrill-seekers or those expecting a polished resort experience. But if you’re looking for a taste of mountain life with some kid-friendly activities thrown in, it’s a unique option near Pigeon Forge.

Insider Tip: The “SkyLand Views” package sounds fancy, but it’s just a few minutes on a ski lift. Skip it unless you REALLY love scenic chairlift rides.

Lost Mine Mountain Coaster and Mini-Golf

Lost Mine Mountain Coaster and Mini-Golf in Tennessee

Want to experience a Pigeon Forge classic? Hit up the Lost Mine Mountain Coaster. Imagine a roller coaster you control, winding through the woods with surprisingly decent views… and a hefty price tag.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMountain Coaster, Mini-Golf
MapLost Mine Mountain Coaster and Mini-Golf Map

If you have younger kids, the mini-golf is a fun add-on, though it’s a pretty standard course. Be warned: the lines for the coaster get LONG, especially on weekends. And it’s not cheap!

Insider Tip: The mountain coaster sells out, but the mini-golf usually doesn’t. If you primarily want to putt, go later in the day – you might save some time AND money.

Lucky Ladd Farms

Lucky Ladd Farms in Tennessee

Lucky Ladd Farms is where being a kid gets messy…in the best possible way! This working farm is packed with adventures that’ll make your little explorers squeal with delight.

LocationEagleville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsPetting Zoo, Splash Pad, Mega Slides, Mazes, Pony Rides, Fossil Find
MapLucky Ladd Farms Map

Picture this: giggling as a baby goat nibbles your sleeve, digging for treasure in the giant corn maze, and launching yourself down a slide made of hay (parents, grab your cameras!). Forget lines and crowds. This place is all about letting loose and having fun the old-fashioned way.

Insider Tip: The farm folks hide “Lucky Charms” throughout the property. Find one and trade it in for a prize – it’s like a farm-themed scavenger hunt!

WonderWorks Pigeon Forge

WonderWorks Pigeon Forge in Tennessee

WonderWorks Pigeon Forge is what happens when a mad scientist builds an indoor amusement park. Expect upside-down oddities, hands-on science exhibits, and a healthy dose of sensory overload (think flashing lights and loud noises).

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsVortex Tunnel, Astronaut Experience, Forensic Science Exhibit, Bubble Lab
MapWonderWorks Pigeon Forge Map

It’s a weird, wild place that some kids absolutely LOVE. If yours are into the quirky and unexpected, it’s a blast. But be prepared: it’s pricey, crowded, and definitely not for everyone.

Insider Tip: The “Extreme Weather Zone” is surprisingly realistic – your kids WILL get a little wet in the hurricane simulator. Bring a change of socks!

Ripley’s Super Fun Park

Ripley's Super Fun Park in Tennessee

Calling all classic arcade lovers and families craving some retro fun! Ripley’s Super Fun Park in Gatlinburg promises a blast from the past, with a modern twist. Think a giant arcade, laser tag, mini-golf, and a few surprisingly fun carnival-style rides.

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMini-golf, Indoor Attractions, Arcade
MapRipley’s Super Fun Park Map

It’s not the place for cutting-edge thrills or pristine surroundings. But if you miss the classic arcade vibe and want a place to let the kids run wild without breaking the bank, it’s worth a look.

Insider Tip: The “Super Fun Zone” downstairs has tons of old-school arcade games that take tokens, not tickets. It’s usually less crowded and WAY more fun for retro gaming fans.

Boro Beach

Boro Beach in Tennessee

Looking for a no-frills water park to keep the kids cool on a hot day? Boro Beach in Murfreesboro delivers the basics: pools, slides, and a splash pad. Think of it as a supersized community pool with a few bigger slides thrown in.

LocationMurfreesboro, Tennessee
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsZero Depth Entry Pool, Plunge Slides, Kids Play Area, Lap Lanes
MapBoro Beach Map

It’s a solid option if you’re local or want a simple water park experience without the inflated prices of some larger parks. Just know what you’re getting: it gets crowded, and the food options aren’t great.

Insider Tip: The “lazy river” really isn’t. It’s basically a wide, shallow pool. Don’t expect to float – it’s more of a wading spot to cool off.

Tennessee Street Park

Tennessee Street Park in Tennessee

Need a break from the history tours and crowded restaurants? Tennessee Street Park in Savannah offers a dose of local charm and a chance to unwind on your own schedule.

LocationSavannah, Tennessee
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsWalking Trails, Playground, Athletic Fields
MapTennessee Street Park Map

This isn’t a fancy park, but that’s part of its appeal. Think grassy fields perfect for impromptu games, a playground with just enough to keep kids entertained, and shady trails for escaping the midday heat.

Insider Tip: If you’re visiting with a dog, there’s a little fenced-in area perfect for zoomies! Just look for it tucked behind the sports fields.

Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark

Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark in Tennessee

Forget the fake palm trees – Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark delivers year-round water park fun in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Expect a mix of thrilling slides, a wave pool, and even an indoor surf simulator that’s surprisingly fun to try.

LocationSevierville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsSmokies Surf Rider, Runaway Canyon, Storm Chaser Thrill Ride, Magnolia Grove Hot Spa, Southern Smokehouse
MapWild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark Map

It’s a great option if battling the crowds at an outdoor water park isn’t your vibe. But be prepared: it gets crowded, and the water park is only open to resort guests, making it a pricey proposition.

Insider Tip: The “Runaway Canyon” family raft slide looks intense, but it’s actually pretty tame. Even younger kids will love the surprise drops and twisty turns.

TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena

TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena in Tennessee

Ready to ditch the screens and get those wiggles out? TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena levels-up bounce house fun with a whole lot of extra. Think trampolines, sure – but also climbing walls, dodgeball arenas, and a wipeout-style challenge course.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsTrampoline Park, Rock Climbing, Dodgeball, Ninja Course, Slam Ball, Kid Zone, Air Bag, Clip ‘n Climb
MapTopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena Map

This place is a kid’s dream come true (and let’s be honest, pretty fun for grown-ups, too). If yours love to jump, climb and compete, it’s a blast. Just know what you’re getting into: it’s loud, it’s crowded, and it IS possible to get hurt.

Insider Tip: Got little ones? Head to the toddler area first thing in the morning. It’s usually less chaotic and gives them some space to bounce before the big kids take over.

Adrenaline Park

Adrenaline Park in Tennessee

Okay, be honest: are you a little bit over crowded theme parks with their long lines and kid-focused rides? Adrenaline Park might be the refreshingly different experience you’re craving. Think pulse-pounding ziplines, a sky-high bridge with epic views, and a surprisingly fun mountain coaster.

LocationSevierville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsZiplines, World’s Longest SkyBridge, Glass-Bottom SkyDeck, Off-road Adventure
MapAdrenaline Park Map

This place is for anyone who secretly wants to yell “I’m too old for this!” at a traditional theme park. Imagine trading screaming kids for screaming zipliners as you soar through the Smoky Mountains. It’s a whole different kind of thrill.

Insider Tip: The SkyBridge can get a bit crowded, but the views are worth it. Go early in the morning or right before sunset for the best experience (and the prettiest photos!).

SOAKya Water Park

SOAKya Water Park in Tennessee

Looking for a no-frills water park experience in the Chattanooga area? SOAKya delivers the basics: slides, a lazy river, and a big wave pool. It’s a solid option for families, especially those with younger kids who’ll love the splash areas.

LocationChattanooga, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsCrazy River, SplashDown, Ragin’ Rapids
MapSOAKya Water Park Map

Don’t expect cutting-edge thrills or pristine surroundings. It can get crowded in peak season, and some of the park is showing its age. But if you’re focused on affordable water fun, it’s worth a look.

Insider Tip: Don’t miss the “Soaky Surge” – it’s the slide with the long line, but it’s actually really fun! It’s worth the wait, even on a busy day.

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