The 29 Best Theme Parks in Tennessee

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best theme parks in Tennessee, where exhilaration knows no bounds. In this article, we’ll take you on a thrilling journey to explore the most captivating theme parks across the Volunteer State, each with unique charm and excitement.

But here’s the twist: Among these exceptional parks, there’s one that conceals a breathtaking underground secret—a roller coaster experience that will leave you in awe.

Can you guess which park holds this extraordinary surprise?

As we delve into the world of Tennessee’s top theme parks, get ready for an adventure like no other, and let your curiosity be your guide.

Dollywood’s Splash Country

Dollywood's Splash Country in Tennessee

If you’re looking for refreshing water fun amidst spectacular mountain landscapes, Dollywood’s Splash Country in Pigeon Forge is the place to be. The picturesque water park hosts a variety of heart-pumping slides, lazy rivers, and fun-filled play areas that cater to all ages.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMountain Twist, The Cascades, Butterfly, Fire Tower Falls, Bear Mountain Fire Tower
MapDollywood’s Splash Country Map

Dollywood’s Splash Country really excels in catering to families. With a broad range of attractions from toddler-friendly splash zones to nerve-jangling thrill rides, it has something for everyone. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker hunting the rush of Fire Tower Falls or you just want to float along the Downbound Float Trip, Dollywood’s Splash Country has you covered.

If you’re planning your visit, the best time to hit Dollywood’s Splash Country is during the weekdays in July and August. The park is usually less crowded, allowing you and your family to skip the long queues and make the most of your day. So, gather your swimsuits, pack a picnic, and get ready for an unforgettable water adventure at Dollywood’s Splash Country!

Foxfire Adventure Park

Foxfire Adventure Park in Tennessee

Located in the scenic Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Foxfire Adventure Park is a paradise for adrenaline junkies. This expansive playground of adventure gives you the chance to indulge in some exhilarating outdoor activities amidst gorgeous views and lush greenery.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsZipline Canopy Tour, Horseback riding
MapFoxfire Adventure Park Map

Foxfire Adventure Park is a dream come true for thrill-seekers. If you’re someone who gets a kick out of daring adventure sports like ziplining and horseback riding, this place is perfect for you. Families can also enjoy an unforgettable day out here, with the Park offering a range of activities that cater to all age groups. From amazing horseback trails to thrilling zipline courses, you can have an amazing mix of excitement and relaxation.

If you’re wondering about the best time to visit, spring and fall are particularly beautiful. Less crowd, pleasant weather and the changing colors of the leaves makes it perfect for some high-flying fun and horseback riding. So gear up for your adventure and feel the rush at Foxfire Adventure Park!

FunStop Family Action Park

FunStop Family Action Park in Tennessee

Welcome to the beautiful and thrilling FunStop Family Action Park in Pigeon Forge! This action-packed park is filled with must-see attractions that guarantee a great time for you and your family. From thrilling rides to entertaining games, there’s something for everyone here.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGo Karts, Mini Golf, Arcade, Outdoor Thrill Rides
MapFunStop Family Action Park Map

The FunStop Family Action Park is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers and family adventurers alike. There’s an endless list of activities, from racing around in go-karts to taking on the challenge of the elevated rope course. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping excitement, or you’re more into laid-back, fun-filled day trips, this park is ideal for you. With numerous attractions suitable for kids and adults, it makes for an excellent family or group outing.

The best time to visit the FunStop Family Action Park is during the summer, when the sunny weather allows you to fully enjoy all the outdoor attractions. However, the magic doesn’t stop there – the park maintains its lively atmosphere year-round, providing indoor attractions that make it a worthwhile destination no matter the season!

The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island in Pigeon Forge in Tennessee

Get ready for a fun-filled day at The Island in Pigeon Forge, a one-stop destination in Tennessee crammed with 23-acres of family entertainment. So whether you’re in the mood for a thrill ride, some retail therapy, or an amazing culinary experience, this vibrant park has something for everyone.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsThe Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, The Island Show Fountains, The Island Ropes Course, 7D Dark Ride Adventure
MapThe Island in Pigeon Forge Map

Boasting a kaleidoscope of rides, restaurants, and shops, The Island in Pigeon Forge is tailor-made for families out for an unforgettable experience. It’s open 365 days a year, but planning your visit around the summer would treat you to The Island’s summer concert series. While it’s mainly designed for kids, it can turn out to be a romantic date spot, all thanks to The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel – a giant Ferris wheel offering panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountains.

On the other hand, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, make sure to try the ropes course and the 7D Dark Ride Adventure. And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the magic of The Island Show Fountains, a free, multi-tiered performance of water dance and light, enjoyed best during the evening when the spectacle of water torpedoes, and music is most magical and captivating.

Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark

Rowdy Bear's Smoky Mountain Snowpark in Tennessee

Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark is a sparkling winter wonderland any time of the year! This fantastic year-round snow park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee offers endless snow-themed fun, rain, shine, or snow, without the discomfort of frosty weather.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsYear-Round Snow Tubing, Snow Play Area
MapRowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark Map

This park is perfect for the whole family and especially great for those seeking fun-filled adventure outdoors. It’s a hit among both thrill-seekers looking for a ride down the snow-coated slopes and kids eager to frolic about in the fluffy snow. Remember to bring your warm clothing and get ready for a snowball fight, even in the middle of summer!

While the park guarantees a good time year-round, visiting during the holiday season enhances the magical wintry experience. Between December and January, the festive decor adds to the snowy ambiance, making your time at Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark unforgettable.


Anakeesta in Tennessee

Nestled among the beauty of the Smoky Mountains, Anakeesta provides an escape into nature with a dash of adventure. This outdoor theme park brings fun for all ages, offering everything from ziplining to tree canopy walks.

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsZiplining, Rail Runner Mountain Coaster, Tree Canopy Walk, Vista Gardens, AnaVista Tower
MapAnakeesta Map

Perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike, Anakeesta offers something for everyone. Families will enjoy the interactive treehouse playground and gem mining. Couples can appreciate the romantic treetop skywalk vista. Young adults will find the dueling zipline thrilling. However, for those simply looking to unwind, a peaceful stroll through the botanical gardens followed by a meal at the Cliff Top Grill offers the perfect respite.

The best time to visit would be during Fall, where one can truly appreciate the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. The clear, crisp autumn air and the fiery leaf colors will create a magical experience! The scenery during this time is nothing short of picturesque, especially from atop AnaVista Tower. However, Anakeesta is open year-round, so any time is a good time to visit this unique and beautiful theme park!


Dollywood in Tennessee

Nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Dollywood is an ultimate family amusement park. Known for its thrilling rides, live entertainment shows, and southern-style dining, it coalesced the spirit of the Old South, celebrating the heritage and culture of America’s heartland with an authentic touch.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsThe Tennessee Tornado, The Dollywood Express, The Thunderhead, The Eagle Mountain Stage, Aunt Granny’s Restaurant
MapDollywood Map

Dollywood is best for families and thrill-seekers, catering to a wide age range with areas of the park devoted to small children and others packed with adrenaline-pumping rides. For families loving a good balance of entertainment and adventure, this place should hit the sweet spot. Plus, if you’re a fan of country music star Dolly Parton, who co-owns Dollywood, your visit to this Southern-fried Mecca is a must.

The best time to visit is generally in the spring and fall. The park is usually quieter and you can enjoy more moderate weather while you explore. Plus, it’s when Dollywood hosts its vibrant Flower & Food Festival and Harvest Festival, respectively. And remember, no visit would be complete without a ride on the Dollywood Express, a coal-fired steam train that offers a serene 20-minute journey through the foothill forests.

Nashville Shores

Nashville Shores in Tennessee

Located right on the banks of Percy Priest Lake in Hermitage, Tennessee, is Nashville Shores, an amazing waterpark and family adventure center. With everything from thrilling water slides and wave pools to a large and beautiful lake, it offers fun and excitement for people of all ages.

LocationHermitage, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsBreaker Bay Wave Pool, Barefootin’ Bay, Lazy River, Riptide Rally, Mega Mayhem, Big Scream
MapNashville Shores Map

This park is perfect for families seeking a full day of outdoor fun in the sun. Kids in particular will have a blast with the wide range of water rides and grown-ups can relax in the lazy river or enjoy the thrilling water slides. Whether you’re a couple looking for some adrenaline-filled fun, parents with kids in tow, or a group of friends seeking exciting water activities, Nashville Shores has something for everyone.

The best time to visit is during the summer months when all attractions are open and the weather allows full enjoyment of both the water and land-based activities. However, the park is also open on select days during the fall where you can experience beautiful foliage surrounding the lake. It’s a true gem for those seeking unrivaled adventure and fun!

Pigeon Forge Snow

Welcome to Pigeon Forge Snow, a unique indoor snow park right in heart of Tennessee. Experience an authentic snowy winter any time of the year with this fun family attraction.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsSnow Tubing, Snow Play
MapPigeon Forge Snow Map

Pigeon Forge Snow is perfect for families seeking fun-filled adventures and couples looking for a unique date idea. The park offers endless tubing runs and a huge snow play area where you can make snow angels or engage in snowball fights. All these features make it an ideal spot for those who love winter sports or simply enjoy the feel of fresh snow under their feet.

The best time to visit? Anytime! The weather inside Pigeon Forge Snow is always a crisp 60-70 degrees, and the snow is always fresh. Unlike traditional snow parks, you won’t have to worry about catching a chill while having fun. From toddlers to grandparents, everyone can join in the exhilarating experience of snow in Pigeon Forge regardless of the season outside.

Wild Bear Falls Water Park

Wild Bear Falls Water Park in Tennessee

Wild Bear Falls Water Park is where adventure and fun meet for the ultimate water park experience nestled in the heart of scenic Gatlinburg, Tennessee. From thrilling water slides to relaxing pools – there’s something for everyone here!

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLittle Pigeon River, Cades Cove, Clingmans Dome, Laurel Falls, Moonshine Holler, Grotto Falls
MapWild Bear Falls Water Park Map

This theme park is perfect for families looking for a fun-filled activity that suits everyone’s preferences. From kids to adults, everyone’s bound to have an enjoyable time here. Not only does it have adrenaline-filled rides for the thrill-seekers, but it also features relaxing themed pools for those who prefer a laid-back day out. The park also offers indoor and outdoor pools, meaning you can enjoy the fun all year round, rain or shine.

If you’re planning a trip, the best time to visit would be during the summer months where you can make the most of the warm weather and enjoy the outdoor pools and slides. But don’t worry if you can’t make it during summer, because even in winter, the indoor water park is waiting for you to dive into the fun!

Soaky Mountain Waterpark

Soaky Mountain Waterpark in Tennessee

Soaky Mountain Waterpark is a modern, 50-acre, outdoor waterpark located in Sevierville, Tennessee. Being home to some amazing water adventure facilities, it promises visitors of all ages a splash-filled experience for those sunny, carefree days.

LocationSevierville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsAvalanche, Soaky Surge, Black Bear Rapids, Boomers Bay, Rainbow Revenge
MapSoaky Mountain Waterpark Map

This amusement waterfall playground is perfect for the entire family, offering rides and slides for all kind of thrill-seekers. Whether you are a solo visitor or visiting with your family or friends, every person can find a way to make those memories which will last a lifetime. Kids can frolic around in the Boomer’s Bay while adults can enjoy a laid-back float along the Black Bear Rapids. Soaky Mountain also supports a friendly, safe and clean environment making it a perfect family getaway.

While the waterpark is operational throughout the summer, the ideal time to visit would be during the middle of summer when the weather has warmed up, perfect for a refreshing dip. So go ahead, make your plans, and get in on the action for an unforgettable water adventure at the Soaky Mountain Waterpark!

Ober Mountain

Ober Mountain in Tennessee

Are you ready to welcome unlimited fun and entertainment? Meet Ober Mountain, the star of Gatlinburg, offering a perfect blend of scenic beauty and adventurous activities. From stunning aerial tramway rides to skiing, snow tubing, and wildlife encounters, there’s something to captivate everyone here.

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsScenic Chairlift, Ice Skating, Ski Mountain Coaster, Snow Tubing, Aerial Tramway
MapOber Mountain Map

If you’re a thrill-seeker at heart or a nature enthusiast, or even someone looking for a tranquil location with a cozy feel, then Ober Mountain is a place you’d love. The array of attractions here are designed to offer something unique to every visitor – making it an excellent destination for families, couples, and group of friends.

The best time to visit Ober Mountain varies depending on your preferences. If you’re a snowy scenery lover or interested in winter sports like skiing or tubing, visiting between December and February is a great time. However, for those who enjoy a more colorful scenery, fall is fantastic. But remember, no matter when you visit, this mountain-themed amusement park is always ready to amaze you with its charm!

Ripley’s Mountain Coaster

Ripley's Mountain Coaster in Tennessee

If you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping, outdoor excitement, look no further than Ripley’s Mountain Coaster. Here, you’ll enjoy a unique blend of nature and thrill, as you speed through the stunning mountainous landscape of Gatlinburg in a controlled, yet exhilarating, coaster cart. The single or double rider carts let you control your speed, so the power is in your hands as you zoom through the mountain trails.

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMountain Coaster, Night Rides
MapRipley’s Mountain Coaster Map

With customizable fun for all, Ripley’s Mountain Coaster is perfect for just about anyone — families, adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, or even those who simply seek a unique way to enjoy the beautiful Gatlinburg scenery. The coaster allows riders as young as 3 years old (when riding with an adult), so whether you’re young or simply young at heart, there’s fun to be had at Ripley’s Mountain Coaster.

The best time to visit the coaster is during the summer and fall seasons, although the coaster runs all year round. The warm summer days allow for fantastic, clear views of the lush green mountainside, while the cool fall air audaciously paints the leaves in glorious hues, offering an unforgettable visual spectacle. But, if you’re a thrill seeker, don’t miss out on the unique appeal of the night rides. As the sun sets, the coaster trails become dazzlingly illuminated, creating a magical, ethereal glow in the mountains.

SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland

SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland in Tennessee

Looking for a sizzling hot spot to cool off this summer? Look no further than SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland, an upscale indoor/outdoor water “resort” promising a unique experience packed with thrills, relaxation, and plenty of fantastic family fun.

LocationNashville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsFlowRider, Rapid Remix, CrowdSurfer, Up Tempo Rapids River, Down Tempo Lazy River, Stage Dive, Record Launch, Half Note Cove, Quarter Note Cove, Groovin’ Lagoon Activity Pool, Bassline Body Slides
MapSoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Map

SoundWaves is an absolute dream come true for water babies, chill seekers, and thrill enthusiasts alike. It’s perfect for families as it provides a variety of attractions to cater to different age groups, from toddler-friendly areas to adrenaline-pumping rides for the older ones. With its immaculate pools, state-of-the-art waterslides, and voluminous cabanas, it’s also a great spot for romantic getaways or even a friends’ day out.

The best time to visit SoundWaves would be during the peak of summer. It’s when the Tennessee heat is in full swing, and what cooler way is there to beat the sun than by splishing and splashing in this posh water paradise? Regardless of your age or preferences, SoundWaves promises a day of wet and wild fun that’d seem straight out of a classic summer blockbuster!

Outdoor Gravity Park

Outdoor Gravity Park in Tennessee

Who says you need snow to go zorbing? At Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge, you can experience the thrill of rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball without a flake in sight.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsOGo Rolls, Fishpipe, Switchback Zorbing
MapOutdoor Gravity Park Map

Ready for a unique thrill? This theme park is perfect for thrill-seekers, families, groups, and anyone looking for a bucket list-worthy adventure. Roll solo or grab a couple of friends and take the plunge together. Each OGO ball can fit up to three people, so it’s great for group outings. And because it’s not snow-dependent, you can get your roll on year-round. But for a real treat, visit during the summer when the OGO balls are filled with cool water for a refreshing twist on this extreme sport. Kids and adults alike will love the rush of bouncing down the 1,000-foot hill. Just remember to hang on tight and let the good times roll!

As for the best time to visit, if you’re looking for a refreshing way to beat the heat, summer is ideal. However, if you prefer a drier ride, the park also offers “dry” rolls in the cooler months. So really, there’s no wrong time to visit Outdoor Gravity Park — you’re guaranteed a thrill no matter when you go!

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort in Tennessee

Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime at Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort! Nestled in Hermitage, this waterpark and campground is filled with action-packed fun for all ages. With a variety of attractions and amenities, your family will have cherished memories that will last forever.

LocationHermitage, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsTreetop Adventure Park, Waterpark, Boat Rentals, Lakeview Cabins
MapNashville Shores Lakeside Resort Map

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort is designed to be a vacation destination for all types of families. Are your kids thrill-seekers? They’ll get their adrenaline fix from the high-speed water slides. Or, if chilling by the lakeside is more your speed, there’s plenty of beach space to kick back and relax. And with a full campground, you can even opt for a rustic retreat amongst nature.

The best time to visit Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort is during the warm summer months. With all the water-related attractions, you’ll be grateful for an opportunity to cool off and have some fun in the sun. So start planning your summer getaway now and make the most out of everything Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort has to offer!

Wildwood Grove

Wildwood Grove in Tennessee

Wildwood Grove, nestled in the heart of Pigeon Forge, offers an enchanting escape for the whole family. As one of the newest expansions of the acclaimed Dollywood theme park, this magical destination presents a splendid array of rides and attractions, surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the Smoky Mountains.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsThe Dragonflier, The Mad Mockingbird, Treetop Tower, Black Bear Trail, Frogs & Fireflies
MapWildwood Grove Map

Wildwood Grove is a fantastic destination that caters to people of all ages, especially families looking to create unforgettable memories. The variety of rides and attractions ensures there’s something for everyone, whether you are an adrenaline junkie longing for the thrill of The Dragonflier rollercoaster or looking for a relaxed and serene ride atop the Black Bear Trail.

Considering the weather in Tennessee, the best time to visit Wildwood Grove is during the spring and fall when the weather is comfortably warm. That’s also when the beautiful flowers and foliage reach the peak of their beauty. Avoid the busy summer months for the shorter queue times and enjoy the park at your own pace.

Wetlands Water Park

Wetlands Water Park in Tennessee

If you’re looking for a refreshing escape during those hot summer months, look no further than Wetlands Water Park in Jonesborough. Known for its well-kept facilities and entertaining water-based activities, it is a perfect spot for a family-oriented day of fun in the sun.

LocationJonesborough, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsOasis Lily Pad Walk, RainTree Pavilion, Otter’s Slide, Wildcat Slide, Pollywog Pond
MapWetlands Water Park Map

The Wetlands Water Park is an ideal destination for families with kids of all ages. Its wide array of attractions includes fun for young children (like the Pollywog Pond), thrill-seekers (like the Wildcat Slide), and those who just want to relax (RainTree Pavilion). Not only can families have fun, they can do so while cooling off and staying safe in the water-under close supervision, of course.

The best time to visit Wetlands Water Park is, unsurprisingly, during the warmer months of the year. Do keep an eye on the weather though as the experience is most enjoyable under clear, sunny skies. So, grab your swimsuit, gather your family, and head to Wetlands Water Park in Jonesborough for a day of waterslide whizzes, pool plunges, and sun-soaked summer fun.

SkyLand Ranch

SkyLand Ranch in Tennessee

Located in the heart of Sevierville, Tennessee, SkyLand Ranch is an expansive resort that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and entertaining activities for its visitors. This stunning site, nestled among the gorgeous Smoky Mountains, is an exciting blend of adventure, outdoor exploration, and Southern charm.

LocationSevierville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsZip-lining, Horseback Riding, Camping
MapSkyLand Ranch Map

SkyLand Ranch is perfectly suited for adventure seekers and those looking for memorable family experiences. The host of activities makes it an amazing location for nature enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, and people looking for outdoor family fun. The ranch’s family-friendly nature makes it a fantastic place for a family trip, and it also an intriguing exploration spot for adventure seekers who are into hiking and horseback riding.

The best time to visit would be mid-spring to early fall, when the Tennessee weather is at its most accommodating. The Smoky Mountains’ finest views are well-worth scheduling a visit for this period. Be prepared for a unique experience of a lifetime, getting up close with nature and partaking in the exhilarating activities this amazing place has to offer.

Lost Mine Mountain Coaster and Mini-Golf

Lost Mine Mountain Coaster and Mini-Golf in Tennessee

If you’re looking for some fun-filled adventure in Pigeon Forge, let me direct you to Lost Mine Mountain Coaster and Mini-Golf. This spectacular place is not just your regular fun park, it offers a unique blend of exhilarating coaster rides and fun mini-golf experiences, all set in a picturesque mountain setting.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMountain Coaster, Mini-Golf
MapLost Mine Mountain Coaster and Mini-Golf Map

This place hits the sweet spot for adventure seekers, sports enthusiasts, and families with kids of all ages. The thrilling mountain coaster ride promises an adrenaline rush for thrill-seekers, while the mini-golf course provides a fun, competitive ambiance for sports lovers and friends. Moreover, the magnificently beautiful setting of the Smoky Mountains provides a serene, picturesque backdrop for all the fun.

As for the best time to visit, I’d suggest the spring and summer seasons. The weather’s delightful to enjoy the outdoor attractions. Plus, the vibrant greenery of the Smoky Mountains in full bloom adds an extra layer of charm to the entire experience. So, mark your calendars.

Lucky Ladd Farms

Lucky Ladd Farms in Tennessee

At the heart of Eagleville, Tennessee, you’ll find a hidden treasure that’s perfect for a day of family fun – Lucky Ladd Farms. This charming agri-tourism spot offers an educational and exciting outdoor experience for all ages.

LocationEagleville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsPetting Zoo, Splash Pad, Mega Slides, Mazes, Pony Rides, Fossil Find
MapLucky Ladd Farms Map

Lucky Ladd Farms is best suited for children and families, but anyone with an interest in animals, agriculture, or just a fun day in the outdoors would find something to love. The sheer variety of activities means even the pickiest adventurers won’t be left with a dull moment.

While the farm is open for fun all year round, the best time to visit would be in the Fall. During this time, Fall festivities such as the corn maze and pumpkin patch are in high swing. Yet, no matter when you choose to go, Lucky Ladd Farms guarantees a delightful day of discovery and adventure.

WonderWorks Pigeon Forge

WonderWorks Pigeon Forge in Tennessee

Welcome to the world of WonderWorks Pigeon Forge! A topsy-turvy attraction located right amidst the beautiful Pigeon Forge, it’s an amalgamation of an amusement park, science museum, and so much more.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsVortex Tunnel, Astronaut Experience, Forensic Science Exhibit, Bubble Lab
MapWonderWorks Pigeon Forge Map

If you’re someone who’s captivated by the wonders of science or loves thrilling, hands-on experiences, then WonderWorks Pigeon Forge is definitely for you. Even kids will find it appealing, with exhibits designed to be interactive and educational at the same time. And don’t forget, it’s also a fabulous place for the entire family to come together for some good, fun-learning time.

As to the best time to pay a visit, while it’s open year-round, coming in during weekdays or off-peak hours might help you avoid the crowds and make the most out of your trip. So come on down and get ready to unleash your inner Einstein at WonderWorks Pigeon Forge!

Ripley’s Super Fun Park

Ripley's Super Fun Park in Tennessee

Get ready for a day of thrill and excitement at Ripley’s Super Fun Park in Gatlinburg. Known as a top family destination in Southeast, you’re guaranteed to have a blast, with fun for all ages! Let’s see why this place is truly ‘Super’ fun.

LocationGatlinburg, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMini-golf, Indoor Attractions, Arcade
MapRipley’s Super Fun Park Map

Ripley’s Super Fun Park is the perfect place for families looking for a day jam-packed with fun-filled activities. Regardless of age, each member of your family will find something enjoyable here. Not only does it serve to entertain the kids, it’s a great place for adults to let loose and feel like a kid again too, making it a top destination for family outings.

The best time to visit Ripley’s Super Fun Park is during the off-peak periods just outside the summer and holiday seasons to avoid large crowds. However, its indoor attractions provide year-round fun, no matter the weather. So, come on over whenever you like – Gatlinburg and Ripley’s await your arrival to provide an unforgettable super fun experience!

Boro Beach

Boro Beach in Tennessee

Greeting from sunny Boro Beach, a phenomenal outdoor water park located in the heart of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This family-friendly haven is perfect for summer-time fun and is sure to provide unforgettable memories.

LocationMurfreesboro, Tennessee
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsZero Depth Entry Pool, Plunge Slides, Kids Play Area, Lap Lanes
MapBoro Beach Map

If you’re a family with kids in tow, Boro Beach should be at the top of your list. The beach offers a wide range of attractions for all age groups, from its popular zero depth entry pool right down to the thrilling plunge slides and amusing kids play area. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this beach if you’re looking for a wholesome day filled with much-needed water fun!

The peak time to visit is generally in the summer, from May through September, when the temperature is just perfect for a dip in the pool. However, Boro Beach remains beautiful year-round, and is even open to the public during off-seasons for a serene picnic or a tranquil stroll. So, just pack your swimsuits, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to have a blast at Boro Beach!

Tennessee Street Park

Tennessee Street Park in Tennessee

Welcome to the beautiful Tennessee Street Park in Savannah, Tennessee! This gem offers a variety of free to use facilities: athletic fields, walking trails, and children’s play areas that appeal to locals and visitors of all ages.

LocationSavannah, Tennessee
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsWalking Trails, Playground, Athletic Fields
MapTennessee Street Park Map

If you’re a sports enthusiast or someone who loves outdoor recreational activities, then Tennessee Street Park is just for you! The athletic fields are perfect for friendly matches among family and friends. Children would especially enjoy the park, with its engaging and safe play areas. If you like quiet strolls, then the walking trails here will definitely please you.

Since the park is well-maintained all year round, there isn’t a bad time to visit. However, if you want to fully enjoy the mix of inviting nature and well-designed facilities, then spring and autumn would especially be lovely. With the moderately warm weather, blossoming or turning leaves, and fewer crowds, these seasons add extra charm to an already delightful place.

Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark

Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark in Tennessee

Welcome to the fantastic world of Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark, the largest indoor waterpark in Tennessee! Located in the beautiful resort of Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville, this year-round playground is full of thrilling water rides, wave pools, and lazy rivers. You’ll also get to experience the unique thrill of surfing indoors with the park’s Smokies Surf Rider.

LocationSevierville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsSmokies Surf Rider, Runaway Canyon, Storm Chaser Thrill Ride, Magnolia Grove Hot Spa, Southern Smokehouse
MapWild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark Map

This theme park is a haven for families, kids of all ages, and anyone who loves water fun. The variety of attractions from thrilling slides for adventure seekers to a lazy river for those seeking relaxation guarantees fun for everyone.

Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark offers the best time all throughout the year due to its indoor construction. It’s a perfect getaway place during the hot summer, but it also provides the perfect escape from the cold during the winter months. So pack your swimwear and get ready to experience the joy of ultimate water fun at Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark!

TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena

TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena in Tennessee

When it comes to heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping fun, TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena doesn’t disappoint! Located in the heart of Pigeon Forge, this state-of-the-art facility is filled to the brim with exciting activities and attractions for the entire family. Whether you’re a trampoline enthusiast or a daredevil wanting to test your limits, TopJump has something exciting for you.

LocationPigeon Forge, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsTrampoline Park, Rock Climbing, Dodgeball, Ninja Course, Slam Ball, Kid Zone, Air Bag, Clip ‘n Climb
MapTopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena Map

TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena is a must-visit attraction for families, especially those with kids and teens. It’s essentially a giant playground with features that cater to all ages. But it isn’t just about bouncing around. With curated activities designed to challenge you physically and mentally, it’s a great place to build confidence and have fun while getting a fantastic workout. It’s also a wonderful destination for group outings, birthday parties, and other special events that crave fun and camaraderie.

If you’re planning out your schedule, consider visiting during weekdays as weekends can get a bit crowded. Also, off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening, can afford you a more laid-back experience. Remember, it’s always jump time at TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena!

Adrenaline Park

Adrenaline Park in Tennessee

Craving for an electrifying experience that would leave your heart racing? Look no further than Adrenaline Park in Sevierville. This is no ordinary amusement park – it’s all about high-energy activities that push your adrenaline to the limits! Are you ready to take the plunge?

LocationSevierville, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsZiplines, World’s Longest SkyBridge, Glass-Bottom SkyDeck, Off-road Adventure
MapAdrenaline Park Map

Now, let’s talk about the perfect candidate for a trip to Adrenaline Park. It’s not for the faint-of-heart, that’s for sure! If you love the thrill of adventure and heights don’t intimidate you, this is your amusement park paradise. Take the 3-line zipline tour that spreads a stunning 2 miles, or experience the breathtaking views from the SkyBridge and the mesmerizing SkyDeck. Families, couples, or thrill-seeking solo travellers – everybody can find an adrenaline-packed challenge that suits them.

The best time to visit? Any time! Each season opens up a new perspective of the Smoky Mountains. Whether it’s the fresh air of spring, the warm summer breeze, the vibrant fall colors or the serene beauty of winter, Adrenaline Park has your adrenaline fix covered in any season!

SOAKya Water Park

SOAKya Water Park in Tennessee

Are you planning for absolute fun, serenity, and adrenaline-filled excitement all at once? Look no further than SOAKya Water Park. This water haven located in Chattanooga provides an all-round family fun experience that outrivals many of its kind, offering different kinds of slides, an adventurous lazy river, and an expansive pool for all to enjoy, among other lovely features.

LocationChattanooga, Tennessee
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsCrazy River, SplashDown, Ragin’ Rapids
MapSOAKya Water Park Map

The water park is perfectly suited for everyone – from thrill-chasing teenagers to families with young children looking to make a splash. The abundant lounge chairs and private cabanas make it an ideal spot for parents who require some relaxation while keeping an eye on their adventurous kids. It also caters to groups seeking to bond over shared smiles and screams on thrilling water rides.

The best time to visit would be during the summer months when the heat is blazing. The park’s cool and refreshing waters provide the perfect antidote to the summer heat, ensuring that regardless of how high the mercury level soars, your fun is not compromised. So make sure you plan your trip during the sizzling, sunny times of the year, and brace yourself for an unforgettable experience.

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